Poem Friday « I Love The Evenings And A Glass Of Wine


I Love The Evenings And A Glass Of Wine

By Lesley Voth

I love the evenings when I can be still and breathe
I go over all the things I have done and did achieve

It seems that the earth starts to slow and the sun goes down
Glowing with the color of an orange , yellow and red , ball gown

It’s a time of tranquility and peace
Much of the noise begins to cease.

As nightfall begins and it starts to get dark
My glass of wine gives me a perk and a  spark

What a wonderful fruit that is a grape
It makes such a good drink to help the mind escape

They tell me it makes you healthy too
It gives you a lift to make sure you are never blue

Yep lowers the blood pressure and all those things
Supposed to stop the brain from having those memory swings

Now how did I get on to this subject of  wine
When I was talking of the evening being so divine

Oh well I guess it is about that time
When I am about to dine together with a splendid wine

So as long as I have no more than two
I will be healthy, wealthy, wise and never blue

If I stretch the limit and make it three

My head in the morning…….

Oh what the heck, let’s have another and wait and see
If it hurts in the morning I will fix it with coffee

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