Saving Energy + Money

Here are some energy-saving tips from this Months Consumer Report.

Some of these tips you will already know and be implementing, but you may not be aware of how much you are saving and why.
There is also a great deal of saving information on this subject in my book “Simply Fantastic: Living Better on Less”. Pages 10 – 15.

Jettison the lead foot. Obeying the speed limits and avoiding hard acceleration and braking will add several mpg to the fuel efficiency of your midsized car. Also respecting the speed limit will save you that very expensive and getting more expensive speeding ticket from your friendly policeman (or not). Yearly saving $200

Fix leaky ducts. Pay a qualified heating and cooling pro to seal and insulate heating and cooling ducts that run through your home, especially in unconditioned spaces. Yearly saving $400

Adjust Modes. Manufacturers often ship television in the “Retail Mode” to ensure the best picture quality under bright showroom lights. The more efficient “Home Mode” is fine for most types of viewing. Yearly saving $30 – $60.

Tame hidden energy use. Between 5 – 10 percent of residential energy goes to devices that draw power when they are off or in a standby  mode. Video games are a major offender. Turn them off when you pry the controls out of your kid’s hands. Yearly saving $125.

Wash in Cold water. Cold water wash has proved to be better than hot to remove grass stain, wine and other tough spots. Using an 2X Ultra soap detergent is also a big help. Yearly savings $60.

Lightbulbs. The Ikea sparsam energy-saving porch bulb was the lowest-scoring CFL in the consumer report tests. Five of the 10 bulbs they tested failed before 3,000 hours. There is some question about the Energy star recommendation for CFLs. The environmental Protection Agency which oversees CFLs are planning to develop new Energy Star specifications that will go into effect in spring 2012.

Best for lamps or ceiling fixtures.

1. A1 EcoSmart

2. A3 Phillips

3. A4 Feit

4. D3 EcoSmart

Best for recessed downlights or track lights.

1. B1 EcoSmart

2. B2 EcoSmart

3. B3 GE

Best outdoor lights

1. C1 Phillips

2. C2 GE

3. D1 GE

4. D2 Phillips

5. D3 EcoSmart

Lowering Water Heater Temperature. You can lower your water-heating bills by lowering the Heaters temperature from 130F to 120F and insulating the water pipes.

Insulating attics, basements. Consumer Report says that you can save about $191 annually by insulating your attic, basements and other areas that may let heat escape.

source Consumer Report .

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