Fun Fitness Facts


Walking burns fat, cuts your breast cancer risk helps you sleep better, reduces stress and lifts your mood.

Did you know according to a study in Psychological Science, walking in a natural setting improves memory and attention span by 20%. researchers found this held true whether it was 78F and sunny or the middle of winter.

Other facts are:-

  • 10,000– is the number of steps you should walk daily to maintain your health.
  • 12,500 – 15,000- is the number you should walk daily for weight loss.
  • 30– is the number of minutes of moderate intensity physical activity you should aim for on most days (this can be included in your 10,000 steps).
  • 4-5- miles is roughly how far 10,000 steps will take you
  • 100– is about the minutes it takes to walk 10,000 steps

To keep your urban walking regime fresh and interesting

  • Bring a friend – Research from Oxford University shows exercising in groups releases feel-good endorphins in the brain
  • Take Fido – Ever met a dog that doesn’t like going for a walk.

“If you don’t do different, nothing will change”

SOURCE: Nature and Health, Australia

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  1. divine……..nice article and data along…..thanks..
    walk in nature is talk with god…….
    love all..

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