Saving Tips For Today « 9/03/2010

Ways to save your hard-earned dollars

  • Make your own Popcorn
  • If you smoke reduce the number of cigarettes by 3 a day (Best yet, give up)
  • Make your own pizza instead of getting it delivered
  • Share your newspaper subscription and magazine subscription with a friend or neighbour
  • Hang your washing to dry instead of using the dryer
  • Put your own color in your hair instead of going to the hairdresser

Source: Simply Fantastic: Living Better On Less

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One response to “Saving Tips For Today « 9/03/2010

  1. divine…..good tips….to save…
    old saying….living quarters…means one quarter of your earning for home…..another quarter for food…another quarter for education of children,clothing etc … quarter in saving……..
    follow this old wisdom….one will never be in a debt trap….
    love all….

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