Ganoderma research – Maybe the answer!

I am a great believer in this product. I love the toothpaste and am taking the Mushroom tablets which I believe gives me more stamina at the gym and I don’t suffer from my normal muscle aches and pains.
My Cholesterol has come down to a healthier level and generally I feel it promotes good health. It certainly has an explosive amount of nutrients which I believe can only be of benefit to anyone that takes the tablets.
The toothpaste ,well I would not use anything else now. My gums and teeth are in better condition now than ever before.

Anyway enough from me. I found this video and thought it was very interesting and have another video by a guy who calls himself “The Health Ranger”, now that video is probably a little controversial but I am inclined to believe him.

If you want some more information on this product go to

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