The Human-Animal Bond

This is my Grandson Jayden with “Basil” » Photography « Jon Jodvalkis

Over the years I have had several animals that I have interacted and cared for. I have had pigs, cows, bull (Ferdinand), ducks, hens, cockatoo’s,horses, dogs and cats. I could tell a story about all of them. A story of humor, tragedy, love, and the amazing instincts that all of them had. All of them great memories and bring a smile to my face.

I had a cat that used to bring me rabbits. I had Irish setters that used to round up Kangaroo’s. We had a cow that did not like the inconvenience of being milked and would put her foot in the bucket in protest. You needed to know the signs to get the bucket out of the way very quickly. All our animals had some sort of personality and the reason I believe is that they were part of our life and it was how we interacted with them.

The human and animal bond is such a dynamic relationship. The one thing I have observed with my dog is, it doesn’t matter how comfortable they are, asleep, relaxing, the minute you call them they jump up and are at your feet wagging their tails… just loving the attention you are giving them. They don’t care that you disturbed them from their sleep. It is the example of unconditional love.

I was reading an article from the Purdue University School of Veterinary medicine. The studies show that people in contact with animals experience, a decrease in blood pressure, anxiety and a feeling of well-being.

The relationship that children have with animals can be inspirational to watch sometimes. The animal’s sense that they need to be gentle with this human being especially babies. They chat away to the animals like they are expecting an answer.

Animals are used for therapeutic reasons in hospices, hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. They have found that an animal in the nursing homes provide great comfort and entertainment for those who live there and their mental health improves, especially those who are suffering from depression. People in the presence of animals are usually perceived to be more happy and healthy.

Not all storys are happy ones. An article written on associates animal abuse with domestic violence. They say: For families suffering with domestic violence or abuse, the use or threat of abuse against companion animals is often used for leverage by the controlling/violent member of the family to keep others in line or silent.

This is a subject that I won’t go into because it is disturbing to me and I am sure it would be for any animal lover.

On the positive side: The following video below is a great example of what love and bond there is between baby and Dog.

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