Poem Friday » 7/2/2010 » For Love of the Ocean

For The Love Of The Ocean
Author: Me » Lesley voth

I so love the ocean whatever the view,
Sometime angry other times, calm, soft and blue.

Some days there are Angels sparkling and dancing on top.
Reflecting its beauty, I hope will never stop.

I breathe it; I feel it, its power all around;
I love it, it has long time been my playground.

I have canoed, swam, surfed and sailed it and under the surface I have been;
Swam with its family in surrounds of the greatest beauty I have ever seen.

It reflects great comfort, strength, and the spirit of Chi,
I love it because of the power; it has helped me.

It has lifted me up when I have been down,
Allowed me to float, held me ‘til a smile replaces my frown.

It can be quiet, still, just lapping the shore,
It can be vicious, turbulent, a loud deadly roar.

It has perfect alignment with the wind and the sky,
The pull of the earth – the work of Mother Nature – the reason why.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea,
I pray that we the people will protect thee.

Mooloolaba Beach, Australia

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