12 Suggestions To Conquer That Habit

We all have an addiction of some sort. Well that’s what I believe as I am sure not one of us was born perfect. It can be eating chocolate, it could be chewing tobacco, smoking, drinking, sniffing, scratching your head, biting your fingernails, anything can be called an addiction.

There are all sorts of advice on how to say goodbye to a “bad habit.” I am not sure what everyone’s definition of a “Bad Habit” is but I am sure it is different for each of us. We are often bombarded by the media about what is a “Bad Habit.” For me a bad habit is something that annoys me, might not make me feel so good, or makes me feel good but not so good later, something that I cannot give up and continue to do. It is a condition, for me that disempowers me, makes me angry with myself that I am not in control.

Here are some suggestions to get rid of some habit that you think is bad for you.

1. Feel good about the fact you recognise the need to change and to want to improve.

2. Challenge yourself don’t limit yourself. You need to tell yourself than you can do it. It may not be this day or next week but you will conquer.

3. Make a commitment to yourself that you will feel healthier and happier about overcoming your habit. You are going to feel fantastic.

4. Don’t make it your main focus as you are likely to set yourself up for failure. Do it in small increments. Take over eating as an example. Reduce your intake of food, just a little at a time. Same for smoking, reduce the number of smokes you have a day. Then one day you will get busy and realize you didn’t have the urge to indulge in your habit that day. Its a start.

5. Observe your attitude: If you are feeling irritable, realise that it could be because of the body craving your habit. Be aware of it and try to alter your attitude. Take a deep breathe before snap an answer or get frustrated about things.

6. Seek support: If you are irritable then maybe an apology is in order,  to whom ever you have offended. Explain what you are going through and ask for their understanding.

7. Affirmations: Wake up and say to yourself today I will smoke less and feel good. I am going to breath easier when I do exercise. I am going to be able to fit into my favorite jeans.

8. Visualize a perfect day: See yourself fit, weighing less, and happy. You are going to be able to go for that run and not find it hard to breathe.

9. Make a decision that you will be successful. If you feel like a smoke or that inviting food in the fridge you will not be tempted. Have a drink of water when the urge comes. Remember you may slip up today but tomorrow you will  have another opportunity to succeed.

10. One step at a time: Take each day as it comes. Some days will be good; other days you will weaken. Don’t worry; know that tomorrow is another day. don’t beat yourself up.

11. Review your day: You may have lapsed a little but you are still on track.

12. Choose your friends: Well, I don’t suggest you dump friends because of your weakness but it may be a good idea to go to places where you are not tempted to break out. Stay away from buffets or fast foods or drinking which will encourage smoking.

My suggestion is the only friends to stay away from are the ones who keep telling you how bad your habit is for you – very aggravating.

All of these are just suggestions from my own experience and may not suit everyone. My goal was to improve my fitness and well-being.

I believe that once you make the decision, you become aware of  why you have this habit and how it makes you feel, take one day at a time. For me smoking was and old friend that was always there in my time of need. It is not easy, but everyone is capable of getting rid of a habit and in my opinion once they succeed they deserves admiration. It shows strength and will power that some people never experience especially those who don’t have “Bad Habits”. (Do they exist?)

Good Luck


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