His Snoring » Poem Friday » 6/25/2010

His Snoring
By Lesley Voth

Have you gone to bed tired
Needing the eight hours required.

Just dozing, falling into a beautiful sleep
Falling, floating into a nice place, so deep.

Then Oh no! not again, Oh please Lord,
Not another night of his vibrating vocal cord.

You think it would help if I put plugs in my ears,
Nope, it doesn’t and one of my fears,
That the noise, that gurgle will not disappear.

It drives me crazy,
Next day I am tired, lethargic and lazy.

I wake up grouchy, tense and uptight,
He wakes up all fresh and bright.

“Why honey I had such a great night,
Slept like a baby, feel frisky and sprite”.

I look at him, with eyes like road maps
Frisky, yea right, I am about to snap.

But I know during the day I will take a nap,
So I don’t give him too much verbal crap.

Boy he is lucky I love him, the big lug.
I just roll over and give him a hug.

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One response to “His Snoring » Poem Friday » 6/25/2010

  1. Jonno

    hahaha that is good! real darned good!

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