10 Tips for Successful Long-Term Investors – By Howard Debs **

Found this article on the SelfGrowth.com website. It has some great suggestions so am sharing with you. If you dont already have a subscription to this site, you should do so.

Thinking of investing in the stock market? Here are 10 principles to help guide your approach to the market from a long-term point of view. Each principal embodies a fundamental concept every investor should understand:

1. Sell the losers and let the winners ride!
What is the one mistake most investors make – they hold onto a stock where they have loses waiting for the big turnaround but it doesn’t happen. Be prepared to cut your losses on hopeless stocks. Of course, the idea of holding onto high-quality investments while selling the bad ones is great in theory it’s hard to put into practice. The following information might help:


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As a serial entrepreneur and active financial investor, Howard Debs offers guidance on building your wealth. More resources and advice from Howard for both novices and experienced investors at Achieve Wealth 101.

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