Where’s The Safest Place To Sit On An Airplane?

Have you ever wondered if one seat on and airplane was safer than another? This is a question I have often asked myself. I was also curious as to why one seat could be safer. Well, evidently Dr Oz also asked this question.

Here is his answer verbatim…

Planes aren’t exactly my area of expertise, so I checked data from the National Transportation Safety Board.

It shows that crash survival rates are higher among passengers seated in the rear of the plane. In another study funded by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, researchers found that those who sat in aisle seats and seats within five rows of an exit were also more likely to survive.

However there is a much more common flying related threat for which every seat is equally at risk – picking up a nasty bug. To avoid colds and flu, use an alcohol – based hand sanitizer before you eat and after restroom visits.

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