Poem Friday – Is There A Plan?

Is there a plan from the day we are born.
Some parts of your life – a Rose – some a thorn.
When I think back in time
Each road I took was fine,
Each one no reason, no rhyme.

In my younger years I made decisions that were mostly about me.
To be wild, exciting and so very free.
Great experiences and great friends.
That time in life I thought had no ends.

Then the road changed away from me
In the direction towards family three
Another journey I never regret
Another life – was it fun? – You bet.

A time of extraordinary existence.
One, many would love,
but because of their lifestyle, it brought resistance.
I found on this road, life is not about me
It is about love and my two boys, our family tree.

That road ended, another journey began.
Who knew what was in Gods plan.
I have since had many journeys down many roads.
Has never been a plan, just where ever it goes.

Looking back at decisions I made,
had I not chose them and was not afraid,
I would not be in this place. I would be unsettled and staid.

The friends I have, I would never have met
Riding my motorbike the best experience yet.
But when you think of different choices you could have done
there are still many people you could have met and had fun,
They, you will never know, because you chose another road,
went on, a different run.

Whatever my journey and experience has been
I look forward to the journey that has yet to be seen.

Is there a plan?

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One response to “Poem Friday – Is There A Plan?

  1. I rather like the accepting attitude toward what life has given you and what you have elected to do…the poem has a very warm tone to it…thanks.

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