10 Ways To Be A More Positive Person

You know sometimes life throws you a curve that you find difficult to handle. It drags you down and you really want to be over it, move on to something more positive.
Sometimes an article will come before you,  be in your face. It happens often when you are asking yourself some poignant questions.

If you are listening and aware you will get an answer that may help.
Maybe you are feeling a little low  or curious about what is happening in your life.

Being positive is one way to overcome any feelings that you are not comfortable with.

This article has 10 suggestions and one extra from me.

They are simple suggestions but sometimes we need to be reminded.

1. Open Yourself to the possibility of a new Reality.

2. Re-establish your priorities.

3. Learn to cope with change

4 Surround yourself with positive people

5. Broaden your perspective

6. Do something you love every day.

7. Offer to serve others.

8. Stay Organized

9. Get up and move.

10. Forgive yourself.

11. Build a core support circle to help.

To read the full article.


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2 responses to “10 Ways To Be A More Positive Person

  1. Thanks for the reminder to stay positive! For me, doing something I enjoy every day and serving others keeps me on track, but I also believe that learning to cope with change is a big factor in our well-being. Being positive is a choice that we can make in every moment of every day.

    • lesleyvoth

      I totally agree. We all need to remind ourselves and I include myself, that we must live in the moment and enjoy.

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