Poem Friday – Goodbye My Friend

This is a poem I wrote to myself when I was giving up smoking.

Goodbye my Friend.

My friend has been with me over the years.
But really my friend only brought fears.
Fear of destroying my perfect health.
Not to mention the big hole in my wealth.

Whenever there is stress I reach for my mate.
Each time, feeling guilty, sometimes hate.
Always in hand when having a beer.
Even at parties – saying” have another in my ear.”

So now it is time to part my friend.
No more including you – no more I tend.
I pray for strength to say goodbye.
For if I continue my lungs will surely die.

So never again will you touch my lips.
When I drink I will spend more on tips.

So goodbye my friend – Hello sweet breath.
Because my agenda is good health not death


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3 responses to “Poem Friday – Goodbye My Friend

  1. I think many people who have stopped smoking could identify with this poem of yours…so nice of you to share it.

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