Drink More, Eat Faster, Leave Sooner.

CNN reported on the 30th April 2010 on the tactics used by some restaurants to get their customers to eat more, eat faster and leave sooner.
It seems that loud music will do the job.

In the mid-1980’s researchers at Fairfield University, demonstrated that people increased their rate of chewing by almost a third when listening to faster, louder music.

This must have been interesting to watch. I guess they must have sat somewhere close to unsuspecting tables and counted the increase speed of patrons food chewing. I LOL when I read this, but how else would they have got the results I guess.

The results being, it appears some restaurants, turn the music up louder around 10.30pm and when this happens the bites are accelerated from 3.83 bites a minute to 4.4 bites a minute. Some restaurants have the music loud all evening.

Also there was a study in France, that found when the music decibel is increased, men appeared to consume more drinks and in less time.

I think this study is so interesting, as this is not the only method the restaurants have to move their patrons along and have them spend more money.

They make sure the chairs are not too comfortable.

Diners in the middle of the restaurant will be exposed to the hustle and bustle of the restaurant, feel uncomfortable and consequently eat faster and leave.

I have experienced this myself and I am sure you have also. If your table is close to the kitchen I find that I get a little irritated, eat faster and leave. Sometimes I ask to be moved if it is possible.

The pictures on the menu are so well done, look great and you are inclined to over order. This is something you need to watch so you don’t overspend. Remember if you are still hungry you can always order more.
My suggestion is order in smaller increments you could save yourself from wasting money on something you are unable to eat as your “Eyes were bigger than your stomach”

Bright lights are another way to encourage patron turnover. Quick service restaurants and casual food places rely on fast turnover.

And of course you will get the restaurant that blatantly tell you that they are busy and you only have 45 minutes before the next party arrives. That I find very offensive and usually I will leave. Find somewhere else that is more relaxing and pleasant.

So next time you are out dining, take a look and listen to your surroundings and see if what the researchers have found is correct. It may save you some money to be aware of some of these things and allow you to have a more pleasant evening.

Because, Its your money and you need to get the most enjoyment out of it possible. Don’t be rushed by anybody.

Source: CNN

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