Saturday – Temptation Day

Sale Day

Well It is Saturday and a day that can be very tempestuous. Everywhere in the Malls and shopping areas are Sales to drag you in the store and get you to spend money.

Money no object? Go for it.

If that is not the case then either stay away or ask these questions before you spend the cash or take out the credit card.

1. Do I need it?

2. Can I afford it?

3. Will I use it?

4. Is it worth it.

5. Do you think you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

5 simple questions that can make a difference. I use it often myself.

I ask the questions, go for a walk around and think about it. Sometimes I go back and get it, other times I persuade myself that I can live without it and there is something else I would rather have.

SOURCE: Simply fantastic – Living Better On Less

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