Poem Friday – They fill My Holes

I wrote this poem when I first moved to America and was missing my family and friends. I find that when I get sad or happy I sit down and write a poem, it is my way of expressing myself and in some cases releasing tension.
I have decided I am going to have a poem every Friday. I think it is good for the soul and I am going to share them with you.


My Mother, My Sons, Grandchildren and friends.
Like I visualize their faces – The times that we spend.

My Grandson Jayden, all brown, blonde and shining.
Such a great man – Never ever is he whining.
“Nana I love you – shall we make muffins”
Yes he is funny, a real little ruffin.
Mika my granddaughter she is such a beaut.
Loves to wear dresses, jewelry, – she is so cute.
I miss watching them play, fight and run
Their life so pure, innocent fun.

My Boys, my mates, so large in my life.
Always there when Mum is in strife.
I cant explain the quantity of love
I feel for those boys – a gift from above.
They are my joy of which I am proud.
I will always tell them clear and loud.
I have been blessed with two precious gifts.
When I am down, I ring them – it gives me a lift.

My Mum she is precious
Another gift from above.
I never tell her enough of my love
She is kind and generous and always bright.
She is my inspiration – she is my light.
She is always happy to hear my call
She is such a rock if ever I fall.
She is in my mind most every day.
I hope I am like her even in a small way.

My Friends I love them – I love them all.
They are all different – they make me feel tall.
They are always there for me in some form or another.
Not too close so as to smother.
They are special to me each and every one.
We have companionship, stories, love and fun.

My Brothers and wives are a special lot.
We dont have much contact
But I know they are there, no matter what.
They are family which I hold proud.
Their personalities strong, even under a cloud
They have all had problems that I know
But have always pulled through – family in tow.

I have my Father to thank for all this.
We didnt always agree, – I wasn’t all bliss
Because he made us realise our lives are important – to be loyal and true.
Which kept us all strong when life got tough and blue.
My only regret was the little time I spent with him.
When  he fell sick, life was shitty, a stroke – very grim.
He suffered a lot for many years
Didnt deserve that – his last days with fears
Of the humility that the disease brought
This happening to him – he never thought.

Boy I do miss them all and one.
I hope to be near them in a short time to come.
Boy I do miss them – they are beautiful souls
That are in my life – they fill my holes.


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4 responses to “Poem Friday – They fill My Holes

  1. A lovely poem…thanks for sharing it.

  2. Very sweet! Love the truth in it. xoxo

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