Did You Know … 4/26/2010

Earth in comparison to the sun

Earth’s distance from the sun varies between 91.4 million miles – in January – and 94.4 million miles – in July. The average distance of 92,955,887.6 miles (149, 597, 870.7 kilometers) is called 1 astronomical unit (AU), a measurement that is used to report distances to other planets and stars as well.

Soft drink inventions

The term “soda water” was coined in 1798. The soda fountain was patented by Samuel Fahnestock in 1819, with the first bottled soda water available in 1835.

The first diet soft drink, called the “No-Cal Beverage” is launched in 1952. Aluminum cans were introduced in 1957 and two years later the first diet cola went on sale.

Choosing a mate for life…

90% of bird species are monogamous. The most famously monogamous birds are penguins, parrots, pigeons, geese, swan and albatrosses. Lions, wolves, orangutans, gorillas, horses and beavers are monogamous mammals. But are they faithful? Not quite. About 10% of the monogamous birds sometimes fly off to mate with another.

Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing

The three largest land-owners in England are the Queen, the Church of England and Trinity College, Cambridge

Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs only have about ten.

There are only three animals with blue tongues, the Black Bear, the Chow Chow dog and the blue-tongued lizard.

SOURCE: kellys.com

SOURCE: didyouknow.org


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