Drinking Wine From El Cardboardo

My Mom has been drinking wine from the box for years. It was not always the best wine you can get, but she likes it. It has kept her healthy; she is now 93 years young. Because my Mom lives in a village that does not have a wine store, it’s so handy for her to buy a 4 liter box, which lasts her till she gets back into town again.

The Wine Companies have got wise and are now boxing some of their good wines in the more presentable cardboard boxes. The Stigma of only cheap wine in these boxes has now gone.

The reason why they are now so popular is:

  • They are easy to carry if you are going out to dinner or party.
  • They are less expensive than buying bottled wine.
  • The bladder and spout protects the wine form oxygen so it lasts longer
  • The packaging can be recycled. The cardboard folds into nothing and easily disposed of in the recycling bin, where bottles take up a lot of room and are noisy when you throw them in. Not to mention, with bottles on the curb the neighbors can tell how much you have been drinking.
  • For Cooking; if you just need a splash of wine in your cooking you don’t have to open a bottle to do it.
  • Good Tasting; The Wine Spectator magazine reviewed 39 box wines and 27 of them were rated as “Good” and 10 “Very good”. The top rated wine was “Wine Cube California Chardonnay” sold at Target for $17 for a 3 Lt. box
  • Easy to keep in fridge; the white wine box fits it the fridge and is nice and cold when you want to go out and it stays cold for some time.
  • Best Bang for your buck; Wine Spectator gave a “good” score to the non-vintage Carlo Rossi Cabernet Sauvignon California “Reserve” wine. At five liters for $13, that equals $1.97 per standard bottle equivalent — cheaper even than Trader Joe’s notorious Two Buck Chuck.

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