Your Life As Your Teacher

In the following article, the author made a profound statement: “you must become your own teacher.” Never a truer word spoken. Life teaches us lessons everyday and it is up to us to listen, observe, and learn. Then make change if we have to.

Suffering is a teacher, happiness is a teacher, depression is a teacher, winning is a teacher, loosing is a teacher, sadness and tears are a teacher, and pain in your body is telling you something. All aspects of our day are teaching us a lesson. We don’t always listen and then we suffer the consequences of it. That, in itself, is a lesson; if we don’t heed the lesson it happens again and again until we do.

It took me many many years to understand this truth. It is a lesson, I wish that I had been still long enough, when I was a young adult and a young Mother so that I could have passed this on to my children and learned my lessons early in life.

I have the opportunity now to pass these truths and concepts on to my precious grandchildren, who I hope will be still long enough to understand what I am saying.

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Please enjoy the following article and open your mind to the truths…

Learning From Suffering

When you choose to take your life as your teacher the first thing you need to do is learn how to deal with and view suffering. Here are a few ideas that I have discovered over my life, perhaps they will resonate with you.

1. Don’t try to stop the suffering
For some warped reason most people think that happiness is the absence of suffering. They think that happiness only comes about when there are no problems going on in your life. This is a mistake. There will always be problems and your joyful moments will never last forever. Instead, happiness is when you view your problems and suffering in a new way. When you see suffering as an opportunity instead of a burden you will grow into a much happier person. Don’t try to stop the suffering, just learn to view it in a different way.

2. Only through suffering can you grow
Have you ever met someone who grew up in a rich family, was given everything they ever wanted and never had to fight for anything? Have you noticed how vacuous and empty they are? Have you witness how weak their spirit is? That is because they have never experienced any great suffering and as such they missed out on the only opportunity there is for true inner growth.

Suffering is a catalyst for change. It is only through suffering that you grow and learn lessons about yourself and the world around you. View suffering as a great friend because unlike anyone else you know, suffering can make you into a better person.

3. It is your only choice.
This point may sound somewhat doomed but it is a reality. You really don’t have a choice; if you want to be happy in this world you need to view suffering in a new way. Suffering will always occur. Old age, sickness and death are inevitable and cannot be avoided. Armed with this knowledge you need to adopt a new, more open stance towards the darker times in your life.

Learning From Happiness

Life is not just suffering. There are many happy moments that occur from time to time. It is important to learn from these moments too – not just to let them fade away like a mirage or a dream. If you want to take your life as your teacher you need to look at the lessons of the happy times.

1. Everyone wants to be happy
When you experience happiness you feel wonderful and you want it to last forever. You hate it when the moment ends. One thing you can extract from this event is that everyone feels the same way as you do. Everyone wants to be happy and no one wants to experience pain and suffering. This is a wonderful method for developing compassion towards other living creatures. Next time you are laughing and having an amazing time cast your mind outwards and think about everyone else who wishes they were doing what you are.

2. Happiness doesn’t last
Whenever I write about impermanence I get emails from readers telling me to stop being so depressing. But I keep writing about it. Why? Because I truly believe that the idea of impermanence is something that everyone needs to be introduced to. Our parents rarely talk about it. It isn’t taught in school. But the one truth of this life is that nothing lasts, especially happiness.

When you are happy you need to live in the moment but you also need to let it go when it ends. Happy times can never last forever. Soon the people gathered at the party will part or the movie you are watching will end. But this is a source of great hope because you can be free of the suffering of change and loss if you are acutely aware that it will occur. Next time you are doing something that makes you happy remember that it is going to end and you won’t be as sad when it does.

3. Happiness is dependent upon others
In the west we spend so much time talking about “me” and “mine” that we often overlook the kindness of other people. When you begin to analyze and look at your life you will discover the 90% of the time your happiness is dependent upon others. This is a fantastic realization because it helps you to see how interconnected we all are.

Now, I am not saying that you need to rely on others to be happy. This is not some state where you are miserable whenever you are alone. That is not the point. What I am saying is that when you are happy it usually has something to do with other people. Think about how many people went into the production of a great movie. Without them you wouldn’t experience the joy of the cinema. Open up your mind and look at how kind other people have been to you. Life will become more joyful.


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5 responses to “Your Life As Your Teacher

  1. So suffering is something you can learn from huh?

    Well allow me to introduce myself. I have a PH.D in child abuse and torment studies.

    I lived a cruel 15 years experiment and my hypothesis was proven to be true. If your abused enough your life can be destroyed.

    If you have any questions for the Doctor come to

    I enjoyed your views on your blog although I did not agree with the suffering portion.

    Nice blog:)

    • lesleyvoth

      I see where you are coming from and for someone who has suffered as yourself, I guess it is a little flippant of me to suggest that suffering is a lesson. I am always of the thought that though the suffering is so painful I would hope that there would we some peace and strength for that person in the end.

  2. this article was exactly what i have been searching for! found your page bookmarked from a friend. I’ll also share it. thanks!

  3. I honestly an thankful for all of the hard labor you have done keeping this place here for everyone. I truly hope this remains for a very long time.

  4. I am really satisfied with this posting that you have given us. This is really a stupendous work done by you. Thank you and looking for more posts by you.

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