Where to Turn For Advice and Help on…


1. Identity theft resource center. No-Cost victim assistance: 888-400-5530; idtheftcenter.org

2. Financial Privacy Now. Consumers Union’s website on security freezes, data breaches, and protecting your Social Security Number: financialprivacynow.org


1. Freddie Mac. Links for reporting suspected fraud, and examples of what to look out for:

2. Neighborworks America.. Information on predatory lending and foreclosure rescue scams: nw.org


1. Financial industry regulatory authority. ,Broker background checks and warnings: 800-289-9999; finra.org/investors

2. AARP. Articles and guides on safe and responsible retirement planning: 1-888-687-2277; aarp.org/money/retirement

SOURCE. January/February 2010 AARP magazine


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3 responses to “Where to Turn For Advice and Help on…

  1. It is rumored that LifeLock will be on the hook for 30 million bucks and not 11 million as was most often reported.

  2. Random question: I am just starting my blog, but how did you start gaining readership? was it just natural? I mean how did people start finding you?

    • lesleyvoth

      It takes time for people to find you but you have to be consistent. It is time consuming but if you enjoy it as I do it is not such a chore. I twitter about 4 times a day and people come to my site from there.

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