Toothbrush Ratings

This article via Consumer Reports Magazine

Like many of you when I am buying a toothbrush I get rather confused without trying them all. I want to know which one is the best job and also, which one is the best value. When I saw this Consumer Reports test, I was very interested to see their results.

Here are the results:

Oral-B Truimph Professional Care 9400, Floss action – Price $130 – Spin

Phillips Sonicare FlexCare R910 – Price $140 – Sonic

Oral-B Professional Care 7400 precision clean head – Price $70 – Spin

Waterpike Sensonic Professional standard head – Price $80 – Sonic

Spinbrush Pro Clean Sonic (arm & hammer) – Price $15 – Sonic
CR Best Buy

The other toothbrushes tested were: Oral-B Vitality sonic, Philips Sonicare Essence E5500, CVS Sonic, Interplak opticlean power plaque remover, Walgreens Vital Health pulsating clean.
These did not rate too well.



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2 responses to “Toothbrush Ratings

  1. Hey, just wanna let you know that your RSS feed is having WC3 errors for me. Please find a solution!

  2. Haha. I never would have thought about toothbrushes needing ratings like cars, but I love this! It’s amazing!

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