Whitney Houston is Horrible in Australia

Whitney Houston not making any friends in Australia

Whitney arrives in Australia all smiles waving to a crowd, which I am sure in her mind; they are all there for her. Actually, they’re just waiting for relatives and friends to get off the same plane.

However, her persona change within minutes, as the limousine is two minutes late. She had to wait a whole 2 minutes; in that time she used and profanely abused everyone around her, just because she had to wait. She spewed it for all to hear, “This is F•••king Bulls••t” and of course many other coarse and obscene words of abuse. Not a good start to your Australian tour Whitney.

While I was having coffee this morning with my friends after paddling, the discussion came up about Whitney Houston’s concert. One of my friends and her sister went to the concert. Lucky, she said, they were given the tickets. Anyone who had to pay, paid $125 AUD, (expensive I thought to myself).

My friend said the concert was embarrassing. She could not hit the notes. My friend said she wanted to put her head in her hands when she was about to sing a high note. She stopped singing half way through some songs and while the orchestra kept playing she went to the back of the stage to wipe her face, was back there for ages. The big screen kept her at a distance; there was no close ups of her. She kept talking to her daughter in the front row and people were yelling at her to get singing. Halfway through the show over half of the people walked out. The newspapers of course trashed her big time.

I guess Whitney has always been a bit of a Diva as I can remember years ago when she was here; she had some problem with her gown and refused to do the show. Now, you have to understand people travelled a long way to see her, in some cases. In those days she could sing and probably was forgiven. I decided then I would never go to see her, as she had no respect for her audience and fans.

Whitney Houston in my opinion has no respect for the voice she has been blessed with, good looks, and the great things life has presented her. In my opinion she has become ugly by nature and should not waste peoples time and money anymore and live off her past glory, because I am sure, especially in Australia, she will not be welcome as an entertainer.

Whitney Houston should go home and learn to be humble and appreciate that the world does not revolve around her.

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