10 Tricks – Get more out of sales.

I Know I wrote about Black Friday shopping last week but now it is heading towards Christmas and we kinda would like something special for the Christmas Party or of course it is now gift buying time.

All my previous advise still holds, the main one of course is leave the credit card home. Take only cash or the debit card. We dont want January to be heart ache time when the credit card bill comes in.

So here are some ideas to get more out of the sales.

1. Make a list of what you would like to buy. Be it for your wardrobe or gifts.

2.Research prices. Go on line and see what the prices on line are for the articles you are about to buy. You will know then if you are getting a bargain.

3. Dress chic. Be comfortable, of course there is nothing worse than shopping in a tight pair of pants or shoes that are uncomfortable. If you are looking chic then often the sales person will give you more attention. Always wear something that is easy to get in and out of. Nothing is worse than struggling to get out of your clothes to try on an outfit.

4. Bring a friend. Preferably one that is honest with you. Tells you if you do or do not need that gift or outfit. One that is frugal is a good thing also.

5. I have said before make sure you try things on before you buy. If you are buying a gift make sure you are getting value for your money..

6. If you are not sure about something take it home, try it on see if it matches what you intend to wear with it. If not Take it Back

7. This is a good rule. If you are not going to use or wear an item within 7 days you probably can live without it.

8. My suggestion is that you know Christmas is on the way,” Save” up for it. Start putting money away for your spend up. When it runs out stop buying. Preferably stop buying before it runs out. Look for good deals. Maybe you could stay away from some of the Friday night drinks and save some loot, not as much fun but you will have fun spending the money.

9 If you are buying online. Be frugal. Go to Google discount codes and the Brand stores you like you may find some coupon codes that could save you money even if it is on just shipping and handling.

10. I know it is hard to wait 24 hrs to see if you really want that item. My theory on that one is that if it is still there the next day and I really really want it then it will be there. If not then I was not meant to have it.

Well that is some of my ideas. I am sure I will think of more.

As my book says “Live Better On Less” and that is a good moto. If we take the time to search for bargains, we get much more pleasure gift buying, to me that is “Living Better”.
Most of all we are putting thought into the gift and that is more important than price. I love receiving gifts that are unusual, I know they have put their personal effort into buying it and often they are not expensive and of course useful is a plus.

My Book “Simply Fantastic: Living Better On Less” in my opinion (of course) would make a great Christmas gift for any family and of course I would like to think that It would be great information for a student starting out in life on his or her own. To be made aware of how handling their finances is very important especially at the beginning of their career. Try and keep out of debt.

Remember: If you don’t do different – Nothing will change.

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