Frugal tips For Baby costs.

Happy Baby

Is there any way to reduce some of these costs? I have
done some research into ways you may be able to save
some of the expenses when you have a baby. Here’s my

1. Find a hospital you are comfortable with and don’t
go for one you cannot afford.

2. Don’t get a private room if it’s going to cost you
extra money. You likely won’t be there long anyway.
They are getting people home faster and faster
these days. However, if there are complications and
you have to stay longer, sharing a room can save you
a lot of money. For example: if you had to have a
C-section and they decided to keep you an extra five
days in the hospital, you could save $1,000 if the
private room cost was $200 per day.

3. Make sure you get your freebies. A lot of companies
that sell maternity and baby products leave samples
for the mothers. Ask for them, because the hospital
staff is usually so busy they don’t always have time to
distribute them.

4. Spend what time you have in the hospital to cherish
the baby time because once you get home that sort
of time will be almost non-existent, especially if you
have other children. Spend the time bonding. Don’t
get a TV in the room. It will cost about $8-$10 a day
and if you have a few days there it will add up. Give this precious
new baby some one on one time while you can.

These are just a few tips from my book Simply Fantastic: Living Better On Less.

I have also found a site that has some very good Frugal tips that would be of great benefit to anyone about to have or has already had a new addition to the family.


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