Save With These 20 Suggestions


1. Go to the grocery shop only when you especially need items.

2. Shave instead of waxing. Less painful.

3. Only go to have a massage once a month instead of once a week.

4. Use a water filter for drinking water. saves buying bottle water.

5. Use chamomile to rinse hair (if its blonde) keeps hair light and saves on visits to the hairdresser, plus good for hair.

6. Always read receipts from the grocery store to check for mistakes.

7. Check for the coupons on the back of the receipts.

8. Use Olive oil and Vit E oil with a drop of Lemon Grass for fragrance for a body oil, good for the face too. Ask Sopha Loren the actress she uses it all the time I believe.

9. Cut back on expensive skin-care products. That saves hundreds of dollars especially in my case.

10. Look at the sales for shoes and clothes at the close of the season.

11. Cut out buying magazines. Usually I catch up at the dentist, hairdresser, or doctors. I read their magazines.

12. If I haven’t got the cash I don’t go to the malls. Painful but a fact of life.

13. Brown bag it to work. It will save you about 500 to 700 dollars a year. True.

14. Always recycle your gift bags and paper. It never worries me if someone gives me a gift in a used bag. I would never know anyway they usually look like new. Besides its the thought that counts. (isn’t it?).

15. Cycle to the supermarkets or store if that is possible.

16. Cycle to work if you can. Take a change of clothes and shower at work.

17. Use up all the creams and shampoos in your bathroom before you buy more. It will surprise you how long it takes to use them all. Trust me it seems to take forever.

18. If you go to the supermarket, when you consider an item and you don’t need it or use it immediately don’t buy it.

19. Do your own manicure and pedicure. Its not the same but it will save you a few hundred dollars a year.

20. Give up the gym, start walking or buy a cheap bike and do both.


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2 responses to “Save With These 20 Suggestions

  1. I’d add: switch 2-3 of your weekly meals from meat centered to vegetarian. You’ll save up to 1/2 of your food costs, and you’ll eat a lot healthier too. No need to commit to a 100% vegetarian diet… just enjoy the benefits on a part time basis!

    Casual Kitchen

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