Where Did All The Money Go! 20 Ways To Help Stop It From Disappearing.


How many times have I gone to my wallet looking
for the money that I thought I had just put in there? You
know, when you put $100 in your wallet and what seems
like only five minutes later it’s gone, and you’re asking
yourself “Where did that disappear to?”

By the time you fill your car with petrol and buy
a few groceries, hey wamo it’s gone. That is why we
need to justify and keep track of our spending so our
money doesn’t seem to disappear into thin air. Maybe
this weekend only half fill the car and cut down on
where you travel.

Variable Expenses To Consider: Here is a list of non-
categorized expenses that can positively or negatively
affect your cost of living:

1. Magazines – If you have a particular magazine you
like and often pick one up at the store, this is an
expensive way to do it. It is much cheaper to buy
them straight from the publisher. You will find the
subscription card in the magazine or website and do
it online. If you already get subscriptions and can’t
afford them, notify the magazine company when
the subscription runs out that you want to have it
canceled. Don’t be tempted with their comeback offer
of a free this or that.

2. Premium audio gear – Stop buying it. The medium
range is arguably close in quality.

3. Use the public library – Use your local library for your
reading matter. You can also get movie rentals there.


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