Useful Websites. Chapter 18, Simply Fantastic: Better Living On Less

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Chapter 18
Useful Websites

Things don’t always stay the same. The best strategy
today can be made obsolete tomorrow. Therefore,
it’s important to keep up with leading edge ideas. The
websites listed here offer many useful ideas, informa-
tion and strategies to help you cut your costs while living
well at the same time. Most of them are updated daily so
you know you’re reading the most current information
Saving Money
Learn the basics of saving money!
Most of us wish we could save more money, but how do
we do it, and how do we get started? Do we first need
to understand budgeting? It’s time to start to learn the
many ways that we can save more money.
Along with learning about the importance of saving
money, we also include some suggested teaching mate-
rial to help teach money skills, including basic money
skills, money management, and personal finance.

There are 66 websites in my book that will assist you on all up todate savings.


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