Slash Your Budget: Eat At Home!

family eating together

Here are 10 of the 38 suggestion from my book “Simply fantastic: Living Better on Less”

1. Make all your meals from scratch. This is much healthier and much cheaper.

2. Do NOT buy prepackaged or frozen meals. They are expensive and they generally are only enough or one meal.
The cost of a prepackaged or frozen meal is about twice the price of a cooked meal made at home from scratch.

3. Use up all the food in the fridge before you buy more. On average, most families throw out about 14% of all food brought into the home – at an annual cost of about $600. Every day, they discard more than half a pound of fruits and veggies. In total Americans chuck a fourth of all the produce they buy, mostly because it has gone bad, says Timothy Jones, PhD, contemporary archaeologist at the University of Arizona.

4. Buy food saving devices to store food.Everfresh bags are reasonably priced green plastic bags designed to preserve vegetables and fruit.

5. Use a vacuum sealer for food. A lot of food that gets thrown away is only tossed because it has gone bad due to poor sealing methods. Food vacuum sealing can be a great way to preserve your food, making it
last longer, and saving you money.

6. When you go to the grocery store take a list with you. Buy what you need and do not stray from it.

7. Make a plan of your meals for the week.

8. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.

9. Grab the smallest cart. You may be tempted to put more into a larger cart.

10. Don’t take the kids to the grocery store. They will always get you to buy more than you need or complain if you don’t buy it. Besides, you can do it quicker alone.

Simply Fantastic:Living better on Less – Pg 57 & 58

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