Secret Superfoods: Who Knew?

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“Everything in Moderation”. Thats what I believe. This article is an important one. Some nutritionist would have you eliminate most of these foods in this article believing that they will be harmful to your health. The fact is if you don’t include these foods in your diet you miss out on a lot of very nutritious vitamins and minerals that are important to your wellbeing. Like I said “Everything in Moderation”


Special from Bottom Line’s Daily Health News
May 17, 2007
If I had a dollar for every time the conventional wisdom on nutrition has shifted gears, I’d be a rich woman. Remember butter? And how about eggs? First they’re evil, now they’re our best friends. I’ve watched the experts flip recommendations on so many foods I’ve lost count. Some of these foods suffered from bad reputations for years, but are now back on our buddy lists… others were unsung heroes, always good for us but never getting proper credit. I think it is a good idea to periodically revisit some of our cherished beliefs about foods and health, so I spoke with Jonny Bowden, whose recent book, The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth (Fair Winds Press) has some surprising entries — and some surprising omissions.


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