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The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Our friend Larry Machula from Saskatoon in Canada has developed this disease.

Larry was once a vibrant, exciting, entrepreneurial personality. Larger than life, but unfortunately was struck down with this devastating  disease.

Larry took up the challenge and then in turn challenged many celebrities one of which was the Rolling Stones.

Bill Wyman of the rolling stones  accepted.

I then accepted the challenge of my good friend Trish from the UK.

Here are the video’s in sequence.

Bill Wyman accepting the challenge

I was unable to download the video of Trish accepting her challenge for some reason. Anyhow here is my acceptance of the challenged from her.

I will now be sending my donation direct to http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-larry-ride-again/194167. We are trying to raise enough money to purchase a van for Larry so that he is more mobile and of course this van will be passed on to others that are in need of such a vehicle to give them better quality of life.

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Help Larry Ride Again



Larry Machula has been a friend of my husband for 33 years and for me about 10 years. It has been painful to watch a disease take a vibrant, positive, exciting personality and turn him into a quadriplegic state. Larry fought this disease with the greatest of courage and still remains mentally alert and determined to continue his life to the best of his ability.

Larry has a goal to be able to purchase a van that he is able to be transported in and around the countryside to encourage others of like situation and continue to succeed in business and to keep a certain amount of independence and pride.

You can help make this possible for Larry at “You Caring.com” and make a donation that will help him reach his goal.

Help Larry Ride Again

Here’a the link:

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One Side Fighting To Die, The Other, Fighting To Live….

This video is an example of why we should  hold these men  in great esteem and give veterans the best care that our Country can provide .

They lost their friends and mates and suffered a life time of traumatic memories, all in the name of their Country.

WW2 Kamikaze Attack on USS Laffey

The most fierce kamikaze attack in naval history,but the men of the Greatest Generation kept their ship afloat.
Watch how low some of these attacks were.Very hard to hit incoming aircraft at this profile.

Amazing film footage… NOT scripted; actual sights…

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I Want Everyone In The World To See This Video – Pass It On Please

I have written poems about this subject, written stories but none of it will have been as affective as this video.

Please watch it and pass it on and if you are one of these people, take heed, you maybe missing the biggest opportunity of your life.

In fact I was out riding my bicycle yesterday and a guy was on the footpath with head down reading something on his iPhone, I saw him but he did not see me and when I gave him a shout he almost wet himself with fright. I had to laugh though, the shock on his face was so funny.


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The Anzac On The Wall

Being a bit of a Poet myself I thought you may get the same enjoyment out of this poem as I did. 

Enjoyment, well that may be the wrong word, maybe appreciation may be better,  as it brought it brought me to tears.

It is such a wonderful story but it brought some emotions  to the top as I have 3 friends that are just holding on to this life by a string and the sadness of this story made the tears flow. But thats ok sometimes you need something like this to bring things to a head and not hold on to them..

This poem is a beautiful Australian story. 


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THE LION KING Australia: Sings Circle of Life on Flight Home from Brisbane

Published on Apr 1, 2014
After an amazing day at THE LION KING Brisbane season launch announcement, members of the Australian cast felt so elated they decided to sing the ‘Circle of Life’ prior to take off on their flight back to Sydney!

So sit back and enjoy the amazing flash mob.


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10 Sentences That Can Change Your Perspective on Life

10 Sentences That Can Change Your Perspective on Life 540×4,077 pixels

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February 19, 2014 · 3:14 PM