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Did You Know -03/30/2015

1. That the phrase ‘to pull your own weight’ originated with the sport of rowing.

2. That the English city of Manchester was dubbed the ‘Cottonopolis’ during the Victorian era and was the international centre for household linen?

3. The European roulette wheels contain 37 numbered pockets. Fittingly the sum of these numbers is 666 (0-36)

4. Scissors go all the way back to the 18th dynasty Egypt (1500BC), some came in solid gold, even if they looked more like shears.

5. Dancing with scissors is a competition that dates back to the 1500’s in Peru. It’s a traditional test of manliness where two or more guys leap about furiously snipping in time to a beat. Once they are knackered they start skewering themselves with pointed sticks before eating glass, walking on fire and flaying each other with sarcasm. The whole thing can last for hours until one of them gives up or is hospitalized.
I could think of better ways to have fun.

6. Scissors were used for curses. Example if you encounter a bridegroom on horseback (not common, but ok) the thing to do is stand behind him,present the scissors with the blades open and shout his name. When he turns you then close them with extreme prejudice. The aim is to cause a unless night in the marital bed, according to North African lore.

7. As for some good stuff. Open scissors under your pillow is supposed to be good for pain relief and when hung above a door as a cross they keep the witches away. Some more superstition – never give scissors away or use them on Thursdays or Fridays. I guess that means hairdressers should just shut shop on those days.


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The Tapping Solution And Its Enormous Benefits


I was introduced to tapping several years back. I don’t do it every day as I guess I get complacent and don’t think about it till I feel I need it. The reason I started using it was I was looking for a solution to my sleepless nights and found this ‘Tapping’ idea and it worked. unfortuneatly sleepless nights do return, I then tap away and find usually by the second round am ready to go to La La Land.

Its simple and takes no time to do.

These two video’s give you more of an explanation and the science of tapping and a demonstration of the process.

It is simple and “If you don’t do different nothing will change

Try it and if you find benefit from it there is a book called ‘The Tapping Solution which will give you a lot more information and demonstation of the process of Tapping.

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If Only It Was That Easy

I wonder how many times he did this to get this video

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You Know Everything About A Good Wine?

Well you can sound like you do anyway.
We have all heard the jargon when it comes to sipping, swirling, spitting, sniffing and all that stuff from those who do or not, know about a good wine.
There is also eight words that can also make you sound like a wine buff. They are:

1. Bouquet – Refers to the smell of a wine. Some old school tasters reserve use of this term for the special aromas that develop with bottle age.

2. Austere – When a wine is too severe or restrained on the palate. It’s mostly uncomplimentary, but some wines can be “austere” in their youth.

3. Corked – The unsavoury smell of mouldy cellar or damp cupboard that sometimes emerges when you open a bottle.

4. Terroir (pronounced ter-wahr) – A French term referring to the exact site-specific conditions, including soil, sun exposure and climate, that grapes have been grown in and the flavor this imparts on the wine.

5. Jammy – While its good for wines to be fruity, jammy wines are those that taste of cooked or stewed fruit, usually the product of grapes grown in areas that are too warm for that particular variety.

6. Tannin – The collective term for a bitter group of chemicals found in the skins, pips and stems of a grape and also in the oak barrels used to age wine. You taste the “Tannins” in a wine when you give a glass of red a big swish around your mouth. Not necessarily a bad thing, tannins are an imperative component of reds.

7. Varietal – A wine named after the single grape variety it was made from.

9. Demi-sec – The French term for a medium dry wine

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Did You Know – 03/23/2015


1. That Canada is the country which invented the ‘Walkie Talkies’ the snow mobile, trivial pursuit and the egg carton. Thats enough to make my husband feel proud (Canadian).

2. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is known by the stage name of ‘Lady Gaga’


3. If you have ever watched NZ play football you will be aware of the ‘Haka’ they perform before every game.It is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance, or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand. “Ka mate Ka mate, Ka ora, Ka ora”,the words of prominence, roughly translate to ‘I die, I die, I live, I Live.


4. A gerund is a noun made from a verb. It always ends with the three letters ‘ing’

5. The South Pacific nation of ‘Tuvalu’ has recently released ‘Star Trek’ coins as legal tender.


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Eat Your Colors For Better Health

5 Colors of Phytonutrients You Should Eat Every Day [Infographic] 600×1,000 pixels

Eat your colors for better health 736×736 pixels

Just click on the pictures if you are unable to read the text and it will enlarge the printing

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A Translator Every Company Needs!

Catherine Tate – the offensive translator

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