Morning Rush Hour Traffic In Yellowstone National Park

Morning rush hour traffic in Yellowstone National Park

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November 4, 2014 · 9:06 PM

Terms Of Endearment From My Husband

I know some of you wonder if he exist. Yep he does


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Hawaiian surfing culture – Competitive You Think?

This is quite amazing. Imagine the strength you would develop  plus your lung capacity. Very admiral I believe.


Ha’a Keaulana runs across the ocean floor with a 50 pound boulder. They do this as training to survive the massive surf waves of winter. She learned her amazing skills from her dad, legendary waterman #briankeaulana and her Grandpa, #Buffalo. I was very humbled to learn from the Hawaiians who have salt water running through their veins. Mahalo Nui Loa. Please stay tuned for our upcoming story on the Hawaiian surfing culture. 



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Eucalyptus – What A Great Idea – Smells Nice Too

hang eucalyptus in shower

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November 2, 2014 · 10:15 PM

Oh! That Is So Me

Oops the rice!!


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Hey great picture


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He IS 16 Today


My beautiful Grandson Jayden is 16 today
He is thoughtful, gracious, funny, and more I could say

That precious little boy has become a rising star
He can’t wait to get his license and drive the car

Now that is an experience all of its own
Teaching him to drive, my nerves are blown

For some reason we stay too close to the road side
Letter boxes whizz past my window, it’s a kinda jerky ride

Anyhow he is not too bad
When he goes and gets lessons I will be glad

He has become a great surfer, attacks any waves
He has become fearless, a pleasure to watch as I do many days

My heart fills with pride as I watch him grow
Into the person he has become, his future bright I know

Lord where did that time, those years go, they sped away
It’s hard to believe he is 16 years old today

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