Promoting National Breast Cancer Day On The Road

Had to laugh when I saw this on the road at the Sunshine Coast Australia  the other day. 




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Hey Mate, Ya Think Ya So Cool Don’t Ya


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October 19, 2014 · 3:09 AM

Thats Why It costs An Arm And A Leg To Live In Australia


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October 19, 2014 · 2:24 AM

Dancing party on the Train – Perth

You could call this dancing the trip away. So cool every train trip should be this way. Keep those heads out of the smartphones and having fun with each other. You never know who you might meet.

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Did You Know – 10/14/2014


1. Yoghurt bacteria help tame inflammation in arthritis, and suppress the bacterium H.pylori that triggers ulcers.

2. Derived from pineapples, the enzyme bromeliad promotes circulation, reduces swelling and helps you body reabsorbs the by-products on inflammation. ‘Go Pineapples’


3. Vitamin D deficiency in kids may be due to their parents’ taking statins during their fertile years, because these drugs impact vitamin D metabolism.


4. The ‘head brain’ works things out on a logical basis, while the ‘gut brain’ links us with our emotional and instinctive side. In my personal view women have a much superior ‘gut brain’ than men as I believe women are far more instinctive than men. ‘Just saying’


5. Raisins, bananas, dates and grapes contain fast-releasing sugars, whereas berries, cherries and plums release their sugars slowly, thereby avoiding spikes.

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Bloop Bloop Bloop!

Very helpful, but the Bloop Bloop Bloop made me laugh.

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